Modules for Voltage Modular


I've always wanted to own a (hardware) modular synthesizer, but every time I have decided on the modules I would like to have, I look at a price tag of 4000 EUR (hence its still on my wishlist, in stead of in my studio). In the hardware world I have in stead chosen a Behringer ARP 2600, a NEUTRON and a CRAVE. These 3 are all great sounding analog semi-modular synthesizers with lots of patch-points. So while not as flexible as a "wall of euro-rack modules", it still gets a long way for an acceptable price-tag.

In software things are a lot cheaper, and it doesn't take up 2 floors of your house while heating a 3rd, and you will be able to save your patches incl. all the wiring. Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio is a modular (software) synthesizer that comes with a full set of modules you can wire as you please, to form the synthesizer of your dreams (there is even a free version with less modules). Beside the bundled modules you can purchase additional modules if you feel the bundled modules are missing, or you just want to expand your collection of modules, or you happen to come across a module that inspire you. Having made my Waveform Generator software, I had some ideas for modules I would like to add to my own collection of modules, and I plan to make these modules available for others to use also.